What is Custom Software Development and when does it makes sense?

As business shifts more and more into the digital space, custom development has become a necessity more than just a luxury. Because it is functional, cost-effective, and flexible, custom development may be a practical way to help businesses integrate legacy systems, automate manual processes, and cater to the demands of customers even better.  

So what do we mean when we say custom development? 

Custom software development is a process that first starts by understanding a business need. From there, custom technology is designed and built to address the business need, and then integrated into the current process. 

Over time, custom development involves scaling and upgrading software to reach business goals and objectives, including generating and increasing revenue over time. It involves modifying the software to fit the audience, dynamics, and objectives of a specific business. 

The technology is catered to the needs of the business and its target audience, and could be software for the backend marketing or sales team or a mobile app that users interact with directly. 

What’s the benefit of Custom Development vs Off-the-Shelf Software? 

Off-the-shelf software is ready-to-use as soon as it is installed on a device or computer. On the other hand, custom software is designed and developed to meet specific requirements.

Packaged software applications are readily available for nearly every business, computing, productivity and communication tasks. 

Off-the-shelf software typically offers the following features.

  • Ease of use
  • Easy access for purchasing or downloading
  • Wide availability 
  • Customizability 

But when an organization requires specific capabilities to solve a specific need, custom software development may be the best solution. Custom software development offers uniquely tailored features and functions that help organizations with business processes, customer interactions, and collaboration within departments and partners. 

Here are a few of the benefits that can help you gauge if it’s worth the investment for your business: 

  • Automates manual operations
  • Scales with your business and saves funds
  • Offers better security control 
  • Easily updates legacy systems 
  • Optimizes business operations and workflow 
  • Streamlines integration with existing systems
  • Offers cost-effective solutions 
  • Freedom of use and control 

What to look for when choosing custom development solutions. 

Developing a custom software application is not an easy task. It’s important that you work with teams that can understand your requirements precisely and deliver robust and scalable software. But understanding criteria is not enough. Here are a few qualities to look for in a custom software development team:  

  1. Experience and tech skills: Look for a company with a strong portfolio, in-depth understanding of the latest technologies and experience in producing and delivering a scalable product.
  2. Communication skills: Strong communication skills are crucial to understanding your goals and requirements. Proper communication and knowledge about the project will help carefully design and develop software that can bring value to your business.
  3. Strong business skills: Work with a team that has more than just technical and programming skills. Look for a team that understands your industry and business in general to enhance your ideas and bring them to reality.  

Our Custom Development Process

When you work with Spinakr Solutions, you get a team that excels in more than just technical skills. You get a team of advisors with experience in numerous industries, such as energy, logistics, and SaaS (just to name a few), who will consult you in the best direction. 

As stated above, the first step to custom development is understanding our clients’ needs. We take the time to listen and understand, define or develop a solution, and bring the right team together to implement a solution. 

Here is what our process looks like: 


If you are looking for custom software development to improve your company’s productivity and ROI in a cost-effective and timely way, let’s connect. We offer services that range from technology consulting, business analysis, QA and software testing, application maintenance and solution integration, CRM services and more. Bring us your biggest challenge and we’ll provide the best solution.