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Vistra / TXU - Mobile App

Vistra Overview

Vistra is a leading, Fortune 275 integrated retail electricity and power generation company based in Irving, Texas, providing essential resources for customers, commerce, and communities. They are the largest competitive residential electricity provider in the country and offer over 50 renewable energy plans to customers in 20 states. 

Since 2017, Spinakr Solutions as been a trusted partner of Vistra helping many of their brands solve major business challenges and open new doors of opportunity by creating and integrating best-in-class technology and greater visibility to business data. 

Our projects have included: 

  • Creating a robust mobile application that creates a seamless customer experience and offers more self-serve features to help improve retention and on-time payments for TXU Energy
  • Analytics & Tableau to .NET Visual Analytics Portal Migration 
  • Salesforce.com (LBM) 
  • Sitecore for 5 of their brands

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Project: TXU Xamarin

Mobile Application

A solution for every problem

The Client’s Challenge: 
As a retail energy company, there are few things more important than providing your customers with a simple and seamless experience when interacting with your service. TXU knew that in order to acquire and retain customers, they needed to update their existing mobile application, which was antiquated, complex and difficult to maintain, with a new solution that fit the evolving expectations of both the customer and the business. 

Their Request: 
TXU needed to upgrade the UI, architecture, and technology stack for their existing residential energy mobile application. 
They had the general vision but didn't have the in-house resources to execute a project of this magnitude. 
TXU brought on Spinakr Solutions to: 

  • Offer business and technology consulting to help identify the functional and technical requirements, and provide recommended solutions
  • Manage the execution of the project and ensure alignment with business expectations, and 
  • Develop the minimal viable product (MVP) 

Behind the scenes.

For those who know what it takes to create an app, you know there is more to the outcome than “we created an app.” 
A successful app is the result of understanding and solving the problems each business owner faces. 
Part of our process includes a critical step that is often overlooked: getting the right people involved in the beginning and asking the right questions to ensure that the technology solves the needs of the business. 
Bringing teams and business owners together to collaborate and create an optimal solution is what we do best. And in this case, it’s a huge reason this project was so successful. 

  • Marketing Business Sponsors (CMO)
  • Technology Business Sponsor (CIO & SVP Applications)
  • Director of Customer Experience (Marketing Director)
  • Director of Digital (Technology Director)
  • TXU Marketing Design & Creative Team 
  • Spinakr Project Management
  • Spinakr Technical Architect
  • Spinakr Xamarin Mobile Development
  • TXU Web Development Team
  • TXU Integration Team
  • TXU Security Team
  • TXU User Acceptance 
  • Accenture testing team

The Execution: Going above and beyond. 

Spinakr Solutions has a trusted network of skilled engineers and programmers to solve any project put in front of them. But that’s only half of it. A truly successful project requires detailed project management to see that the job stays the course and every user story is completed to the expectation of the client. And this is what we did. Spinakr’s Management Consulting Crew worked with all project team members across Marketing and Technology to maintain alignment and correct course as needed. This involved individuals such as business owners, subject matter experts, mobile and web development, infrastructure, integration teams, security, internal and external marketing, change management and communication teams. We demonstrated our ability to be creative, nimble and execute quickly (another way of saying we completed this project on time and within budget). 

The Results: a successful app and ongoing partnership.

We successfully developed and launched an Android and iOS app with enterprise-grade mobile technologies that enhanced automation and increased speed to market capability. For TXU, this helped them develop a mobile first approach to capitalize on continued mobile growth and gain efficiencies through the use of best-in-class technology advancements. 

  • Extended existing and new self service and automation features through native iOS and Android mobile devices 
  • Introduced an easier way for customers to interact with their customer information and connect with TXU as a business 
  • Extensive heterogeneous back-end integration for a seamless front-end experience