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Change Management Process & Communications

Setting a foundation for successful change.

The Client's Challenge: 

Communication can often be the root cause of many challenges in an organization. BNSF Logistics recognized a lack of communication and implementation when it came to launching and integrating new features and systems.

They wanted to avoid teams working in silos and create greater alignment between technology solutions and features with business needs. In order to ensure that the right projects were prioritized, and that new features and code was implemented successfully, they needed to take a closer look at their current process and identify a system that would facilitate change management in a more streamlined and successful manner.

Their Request:

Spinakr Solutions was brought on to analyze their development to release process and identify a process that would resolve their challenges. Their goal was to enhance communication between IT units so they worked efficiently with greater alignment, and to establish a playbook that would ensure a standard process for each new release and implementation.

The Result: 

Spinakr delivered a standard change management process that would help ensure a successful release and migration to any new feature or system that is released. This process includes best practices for QA testing, internal and external communication, training procedures, and more. Having a standard operating procedure in place will help mitigate miscommunication, lack of training, and ensure a smooth transition.

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