Our work

CRM Operations on Salesforce.com

The Challenge
Much of Vistra’s business systems had been built on the SAP platform, which was being phased out. Transitioning from the SAP platform and standardizing their business on Salesforce.com platform was a huge undertaking. Vistra didn’t want to just replace what they had, they wanted to take this opportunity to leverage Salesforce to improve upon their systems and provide an efficient and scalable way to support new business. 

The Request
Spinakr Solutions was brought on as part of an integrated project team to play an integral role as the primary functional and technical architects of this multi-phase project. 

Specifically, our role is to build and manage a team that will create scalable solutions focused on Sales and Service Processes to support both the B2B and B2C businesses, and recommend different architectures and Salesforce.com configurations that will support business expectations.

The Execution
Taking on a project of this magnitude required a team with specialized skill sets. Spinakr leveraged both offshore and onshore talent to put together a highly capable team with broad experience in architecting solutions from a functional and technical perspective, as well as the technical resources to work with the product configuration utilities tools, such as Vlocity / Selectica and Selenium. 

Key Projects:  

  • SAP CRM Decommissioning 
  • Deployment Standardization 
  • Contract Lifecycle Management Architecture
  • Regression testing through Selenium 
  • Landpower Migration

The Result
Our ability to effectively manage a hybrid team is helping minimize costs for our client while ensuring a high standard of production. Our team designs and implements business practices to effectively decommission SAP and replace it with refined and enhanced processes in Salesforce.com to support the complex needs of the business management teams across multiple brands at Vistra. 

In addition, a major contribution to this project is the newly developed deployment release and technology process that streamlined future deployments in a way that would run much smoother and more efficiently. 

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