Our work

RPA Solutions for Customer Invoicing

The Problem. 

BNSF Logistics was looking for a way to improve efficiencies in their business by automating their manual invoicing process. They wanted to reduce the amount of time their employees  spent doing this repetitive task each week so their employees had more time to contribute to more strategic activities for the company. 

The Solution. 

We took time to learn and understand each step of their existing process and key identifiers for each invoice. From there, we leveraged Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to teach a robot how to complete the task and remove the workload from BNSF Logistics employees. In the event that the invoice couldn’t be read (i.e. poor quality pdf), we created an automatic email notification that was sent to an employee so it could be manually uploaded, and prevent inaccurate information from being entered. 

The Result. 

Using RPA bots to automate their invoicing process, BNSF Logistics was able to save their managers a significant amount of time, giving managers 25-30% more hours in the week to contribute to strategic initiatives. Our client was very pleased with the results and plans to expand the capabilities of this project to include even more customer invoicing automation in the near future. 

Platforms/Software Used

  • Python V3.9.9
  • Windows Virtual Machine 
  • Selenium 
  • Poppler 
  • EasyOCR 
  • PyTorch

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