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Clear Brand Guidelines Cut Costs

Introduction: Fluidra, a multi-national pool company, came to us needing help with a brand guideline for Aqua Products, a fun and playful brand in their brand portfolio. They wanted to differentiate this brand from the competition and use vivid color combinations to stand out.

The Problem: The guideline "cheat sheet" they were using had gone through over 25 iterations and were still too brief and too vague to set clear rules for their army of designers. They were constantly dealing with inconsistent branding in asset creation which led to multiple revision cycles, wasting a lot of time and money. So they decided it was time to get very clear on the rules for what was (and wasn't) consistent with their brand. 

The Solution: Fluidra asked Spinakr to take the brand cheat sheet they were using and turn it into a comprehensive set of brand guidelines that had a clean, open layout and was very simple to follow. Working closely with Fluidra’s brand management team, our creative team format they were happy with and went to work. 

The Result: Spinakr delivered 63 pages of brand guidelines that gave a clearly illustrated proper use of every brand aspect, including voice and style, brand and product logos, color combinations, typography, photography, and visual style guidelines. The client’s response? “Perfect, this is exactly what we’re looking for!” 

These comprehensive, easy-to-follow brand guidelines now provide proper direction to any designer or content creator working on the Aqua Products brand. Now they can consistently deliver assets that are consistent with the Aqua Product brand with fewer revision cycles. And that impacts the bottom line in more ways than one.

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