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Innovative Event Branding: Fluidra NSM 2024


Fluidra, a leading multinational pool company, approached us to develop an innovative theme and branding for their National Sales Meeting (NSM 2024). As a key event set to take place at the prestigious Hyatt Regency hotel and convention center in Orlando, FL, the company sought a distinctive branding approach to make NSM 2024 unforgettable.

The Problem

The primary challenge was to create a captivating theme and branding that resonated with Fluidra’s tagline "Drive, Deliver, Differentiate." The company required not only a unique visual identity but also a variety of deliverables to ensure cohesive branding throughout the venue. These included extensive signage, custom key cards, digital marketing materials, web pages, and much more, all of which needed to be integrated with innovative 3D graphics to highlight the "three D's" of their tagline.

The Solution

Our team proposed three dynamic branding concepts that seamlessly incorporated the 3D elements into the theme. We employed advanced 3D rendering engines and software to blend high-energy swimming photography with 3D compositions, creating a visually stunning theme. The project deliverables were extensive: from 52 pieces of custom signage and digital screens to podium wraps and mobile application designs, each element was meticulously designed to enhance the event’s theme.

The Results

The branding and theming for NSM 2024 were a resounding success. The cohesive package of branding materials transformed the convention center into a high-energy, impactful environment that not only aligned with Fluidra’s top-tier marketing standards but also significantly motivated their sales representatives. The event stood out as a testament to Fluidra's commitment to excellence and innovation in sales and marketing.

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