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API Integration for Electronic Logging Devices

The Client's Challenge: 

A government mandate had been set in place that required an electronic logging device be placed in most trucks to automatically log hours that were driven. This device also gathered other data such as GPS location. 

BNSF Logistics recognized that if they could access this data, it would automate their ability to  track loads and truck availability, instead of calling the driver to get that information.  

Their Request: 

In order to capture the geolocation of each truck, they would need an API to connect with each electronic logging device. Our role in this project was to determine and implement a viable solution that would help BNSF Logistics achieve the goal of gaining access to this new data from each carrier.

The Approach:

Our role in this project This project required multiple steps 

  1. Conduct research to determine possibilities 
  2. Architect a feasible solution 
  3. Build an application to capture each API key to access each ELD
  4. Test and troubleshoot to ensure optimal functionality
  5. Manage change control by providing proper training

The Result: 

After extensive research, our crew presented a solution that would allow BNSF Logistics to acquire the individual API key of each carrier and allow them to receive data from their electronic logging device through a custom API. 

Our crew created the API, conducted the testing and troubleshooting, managed the change control through proper training and delivered a solution that the client could implement into their business.

Spinakr Services Provided: 

  • Technology Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Change Management 
  • Testing and Troubleshooting

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