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RealCom Solutions

The Challenge

RealCom Solutions is a technology and telecommunication company that has provided numerous products and services to their customers for over 30 years. They came to us with a problem: their online presence was outdated and their message didn’t clearly communicate what they did as a company, leaving existing and potential clients unaware of the multitude of services they offered. A common response they got from existing clients was, “we didn’t know you offered that.”  

They needed a complete overhaul of the website to update the look and feel to reflect the evolution of the company, as well as a stronger positioning strategy to more clearly communicate who they are and what they do. 

The Process

Creating a custom website with new messaging, content, design and imagery always starts with discovery: we met with key stakeholders in the company to determine what was working and what wasn’t, who their competitors are, who their audience is, what design aspects they were looking for, and overall key goals and objectives. This included creating and presenting stylescapes early on in the process to align on a new visual style. 

From there, we worked closely with their team to define and align their key message and positioning statements that would be used to create web copy and guide the layouts of each page. 

The Result

Spinakr delivered a customized website with fresh, modern design, enhanced navigation features, and clear company positioning. We supported the transition of their old site from Wordpress to Webflow, which allows RealCom to more easily self manage and maintain the website moving forward. They were extremely happy with the outcome and felt that this new site accomplished the goal to update their online presence with a streamlined user experience and tell their message in a clear and succinct manner. 


Messaging and Content Strategy 
Web copy 
Web design 
Imagery curation 
Customized website 

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