Our work

Mulesoft Platform Integration Standardization

Streamline a process and increase data visibility.

The Client's Challenge

BNSF Logistics was using an older electronic data interchange (EDI) platform to manage load requests from their customers. Their code was written on an incredibly old version of Java, which made onboarding new customers and implementing updates an extremely long process with multiple steps. Each new customer added to the system required custom code, flow and data mapping.

It was determined that the new process would be built with MuleSoft--an interface that easily allows the transfer of data through its modular system. However, they didn’t have the internal talent to support this change.

The Request

Spinakr Solutions was asked to implement a more efficient system that would streamline and standardize the onboarding process, and allow for better access to data between the carriers and customers. We were also asked to manage the hiring process of MuleSoft developers, who would implement and support this project internally.

The Approach: Hire the right talent.

Spinakr Solutions was asked to source two MuleSoft developers that met certain skill sets. We managed the entire hiring process, and after vetting 75 candidates with multiple rounds of interviews, we recommended our top candidates to the client. BNSFL hired two candidates and Spinakr continues to manage them and the users stories they are working on as this project continues.

We take the extra steps to hire the best talent.

  • 75 applicants
  • 30 candidates interviewed
  • 50+ interview hours
  • 2 candidates hired

The Results: A skilled team and more efficient process.

We successfully helped BNSFL find and hire new talent for this project, and continue to manage and oversee their progress as we help to manage their EDI replacement.

Additionally we’ve helped to expand the client’s capability to receive data from numerous sources and file types, including their CRM and Oracle data warehouse. This data visibility will allow them to track errors and issues easier, and provide a more efficient service level agreement and customer onboarding process.

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