Our work

Improved Carrier Capacity Solutions

Exploring possibilities to improve carrier capacity data

The Client's Challenge

In an industry with tight margins, it pays to invest in system process upgrades that help a company do more for less.
The industry standard for sharing carrier capacity data is a very manual process--a team of individuals get on the phone and call other carriers to determine their availability. BNSFL set out to see if this process could be automated through APIs to operate more efficiently and with real-time data.

The Request

In order to make improvements to this process, BNSFL first needed to see if other carriers offered an API integration that could push current capacity data to them on a near-instantaneous basis. They tasked Spinakr with validating or invalidating this possibility, and to recommend a course of action to implement and integrate this automation if the capabilities were there in the industry.

The Approach

BNSFL compiled a targeted list of the top 100 carriers utilized in 2020. The Spinakr Crew contacted these carriers with a set of questions to determine their API capabilities.

The Results

Spinakr Solutions set out to answer a question for BNSFL: do companies have carrier capacity APIs that we can connect to.
Although our efforts confirmed that most carriers do not have this capability, we identified an opportunity that would create incredible value within the industry and recommended a course of action for BNSFL moving forward.

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