Our work

M&T Bank

Deliverables: Online brand asset management system, Marketing collateral templates

Challenge: M&T Bank needed an online, self-serve system that would allow any end user full access to brand assets, as well as a web-to-publish tool where they can create their own marketing and event materials without needing to engage the marketing team.

Outcome: M&T Bank now has an easy way to showcase and access their brand assets with the help of Brandworkz’ Logo Finder, CMS pages, and homepage navigation.

Through use of the web-to-publish tool, we took over 100 different advertisements created by their marketing team, and create 9 dynamic templates that the end user can utilize to fulfill any one of these original 100 templates. In addition, the templates are dynamically resizable to fit any size desired for the end user. This saves their marketing team time and attention to focus on strategic marketing initiatives, instead of fielding requests for flyers, marketing materials, and event materials.

Feature’s Licensed: CMS pages, Brand Standard and Guidelines, Logo Finder, Web to Publish templating, Dynamic Workflows

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