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Challenges: Swearingen was going through a management transition with their marketing executives. They needed someone to step in a fulfil this role until it could be fulfilled. Swearingen recognized the need to capture more market share in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and were determined to take steps to accomplish this. This meant infusing a new excitement about the Swearingen brand and the direction the company was headed. Their existing website was bland in its design and difficult to search for agents and properties. Spinakr was hired to give the brand and website a modern refresh and help guide it on a new course to success.

Outcomes: Spinakr led Swearingen through this brand and online transition period and set the course for a new brand and digital strategy. Spinakr refreshed every aspect of their brand (except their logo) to help establish brand consistency in the marketplace. We delivered a customized website with streamlined navigation and improved user experience, as well as online tools that allowed customers to more effectively search listings. These changes helped Swearingen achieve their goal of capturing more market share.

Technologies/Disciplines: Custom WordPress Template, Custom WordPress Admin Tools, Website Integrations with Third-Party Tools

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