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The Client's Challenge: As an international company doing business in multiple languages, Hydrafacial was looking for a better solution to manage their brand guidelines, newsletters, product photography, sales materials, and region specific assets for employees, sales staff, customers, and distributors around the world. The platform they were using made it difficult to provide all of the permission-based content to the right groups and regions in their language.

Their Request: 

Hydrafacial needed an interface that could be localized into dozens of languages to make the site usable for their users around the globe. They also needed a platform that could store various assets in a DAM format, and provide guidelines and customizable templates that end users could leverage to make quick content changes and deploy the asset to their local market as quickly as possible.

The Result: 

We were able to deliver a brand and asset management solution for Hydrafacial through Brandworkz. This solution allowed for all assets to be localized into 11+ languages (to date) with Web to Publish templates that enabled self-serve content changes. 

The Web to Publish feature has allowed users the ability to customize the artwork they need for events, certificates of authenticity, and more, much quicker on their own and while maintaining the integrity of their brand. 

Brandworkz was first deployed to US employees, then expanded into their other markets including EMEA, Latin America, Asia Pacific and China, Japan and other smaller markets around the globe.

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