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Challenge: An architecture firm in Dallas wanted to spark new growth into their business with a name change and an updated brand, and a polished website that better reflected their level of sophistication. They were ready to be seen as a larger player in the industry and needed a fresh look and design that added credibility and the next level of professionalism to their name.

Outcome: Taking inspiration from architecture itself, our designers delivered several logo concepts that followed a structured, balanced design that spoke to the solid foundation of the firm. With clean lines and sophisticated simplicity, the logo successfully captured the client’s vision and set the stage for their transition.

We then created a new style guide including logo alternative usages, color variations, rules and guidelines, typography, type treatment and usage guidelines, asset examples (such as letterhead, business cards, and brochures), and social media post examples.

All of this set the foundation for the creation and delivery of a modern and dynamic website that allowed them to easily manage their architecture portfolio and showcase their cutting-edge work.

Spinakr continues to be a trusted advisor with additional projects planned that were defined in the digital roadmap which include a new website, content and messaging, SEO services and more.

Platforms: Wix Editor X

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