Our work

Business Automation with PowerApps

The Problem: 

BNSF Logistics had a variety of processes they wanted to automate such as asset inspections, incident reporting and purchase order approval. Some of these processes were currently being done on paper with no central housing for the data. Spinakr was asked to help automate these processes and create a central database that would allow the client to manage and track assets much easier.

The Solution: 

Creating simple yet powerful solutions with PowerApps, we have delivered 15 fully functional apps to replace various processes at the company. This was done by using SharePoint for data hosting and the PowerPlatform, namely PowerApps and PowerAutomate, for app creation. 

The Result: 

The biggest win for this project is that it increased speed in various processes for much of the Asset Tracking/Management team at BNSFL. One team lead reported that the new automation is nearly 4 times faster than the previous method. An inspection process that previously took 3 hours now takes just 45 minutes. The client has been so happy with the success of this project that they’ve requested additional PowerApps solutions to other business processes and workflows to help other teams within their organization. 

In the words of our client: "Automating field inputs for our customers and for internal purposes has been a challenge, and buying off the shelf solutions that check every box is near impossible and costly for any company. Spinakr has conquered these challenges and continues to exceed our expectations with PowerApps and Dataverse/SharePoint solutions. These solutions are easy for the field to use (from any device), provide real-time data and useful historic metrics for countless purposes. Five Stars. Highly recommend."

Platforms/Software Used: 
  • Microsoft PowerApps
  • Microsoft PowerAutomate
  • Microsoft SharePoint
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