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A new website with improved usability and integrated with their email marketing platform and opt-in forms, paired with a brand refresh to spark new life to their online presence. 


Enduralife is a holistic health and fitness consulting company that specializes in helping individuals live a healthy, energetic, and purposeful life. But when it comes to their website, they aren’t the experts. They needed something that was easy to update and manage, so they had plenty of time for the important part of their business: their clients. They also felt it was time for an update to their brand to keep it fresh and meaningful, just like the services they offer.

Spinakr created a completely new website built on Webflow that gave them easy-to-use features such as onscreen editing, as well as a fresh look with improved UX. We added elegance to their brand to set them apart from the traditional look and feel of health and nutrition with a redesign of all of their branding collateral including photography, typography, image treatment and an enriched color palette with deeper tones. 

The outcome left the client incredibly happy, feeling that the rebrand was now aligned with an organic and refreshing feel that resonated with their clients. And, they increased their subscription base by 75% within the first few months through the new opt-in features we created. 


Webflow, Google analytics, Kajabi

Enduralife Website

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