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Google My Business

The Challenge: If you’ve ever tried to Google My Business, you’ll know that it’s quite a manual process with multiple possibilities for delay and frustration. It’s tedious and time consuming, to say the least, and our client had over 1600 Bitcoin ATMs that needed to go through the process of Google My Business. 

The Request: Our client is a leading Bitcoin ATM network provider that operates Bitcoin ATMs in businesses and locations across the country. In an effort to increase visibility and drive business to each location, our client offers Google My Business as a service to their clients who have installed an ATM. Our client came to us as a Google Service Provider to fulfill this service with minimal time and effort on their part. 

The Result: Spinakr Solutions provided direct access to Google My Business as part of a 4-tired solution, and was able to submit and authenticate their information and have them up and running within 48 hours for each ATM location. We took care of everything, including uploading all their information such as contact, location hours, images, along with other details, so our clients didn’t have to deal with the painful process of doing it on their own. 

Deliverables: Business Consulting, Google My Business Services

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