Our work

Commission Calculation Implementation

Commission accuracy with ease. 

The Client's Challenge

BSNFL pays commission on each completed load. They relied on a heavily manual process to track who earned commissions and how much on each individual load once it was complete. This manual process left room for error and uncertainty, it also made it complicated to track sales goals and opportunities tied to their CRM.

The Request

BNSF Logistics wanted to enhance their existing technology with something that was fully integrated with their CRM and other data systems to enable accurate, timely commission payment, as well as create a better way to track sales opportunities more efficiently. 

Spinakr was tasked with creating a common ‘code’ that links each load to the CRM opportunity, and connects the right people to commissions earned on each executed load. This code also needed to be able to calculate variable commissions earned for employee group.

The Approach: Simplify the complex.

Understanding the needs of the client is the first step. BNSFL needed a commission system that would integrate with multiple systems and data sets and ensure different goals could be set for each employee, with a commission structure that could be customized for each group. Spinakr created user stories for each group to ensure that every scenario was represented in the new code being written.

Commission structures for each employee group:

  • Network Sales Rep
  • Inside Sale Manager
  • Director, Inside Sales
  • Account Manager
  • Sr. Account Manager
  • Manager Account Management
  • Director, AM and SRM
  • Operations Representative (Formerly Transportation Coordinator)
  • Sr. Operations Rep
  • Operations Manager
  • Sr. Operations Manager
  • Regional Director, Operations
  • Customer Service Representative (CSR)
  • Strategic Customer Service Representative
  • Manager Customer Service

Automated for greater accuracy.

The Results

This project is currently in test phase. Spinakr developed a custom code that communicates with their existing commission software as well as their CRM in a much more efficient and automated manner. Once an opportunity is created in their CRM, the custom code now gives BNSFL the ability to assign commissions and variable commission rates for each employee so that once the load is complete, the business knows exactly how much commission will be paid out and to whom.
This custom code replaces their manual process and will allow greater flexibility for the business to track and assign commissions to each load, saving BNSFL a significant amount of time and effort. It will also help their teams validate and track sales opportunities to improve accuracy when setting goals and opportunities.

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