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Asphalt Pavement Alliance

The final result is a software implementation

Deliverables: Brandworkz implementation that included DAM, Showcase, Web to Print, Workflow and Logo Finder 

Challenge: The APA has State Association members (SAPAs) from all 50 states and needed a centralized place that enabled users to easily access and manage assets and automate their workflow process. 

Outcome: With consultative help and a little training, the APA has set up a portal that is used by associate members across the nation. This has significantly reduced the number of requests to the APA corporate marketing team for simple requests and edits. 

The final result is a software implementation that has saved them a substantial amount of time for both users and the corporate marketing team, has increased their ability to curate and re-use more content, and enabled faster turnaround time for co-branded materials.

Features Licensed: Digital Asset Management, Logo Finder, Workflow, Showcase, Web to Publish

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