Our work

American Cancer Society (ACS)

Deliverables: A portal to establish an effective brand and digital asset management system, provide self-service templates that guarantees an on-brand output, and to present brand guidelines.

Challenge: ACS has offices spread across six geographic regions with 250 regional offices, and a local presence in over 5,000 communities. Projecting a consistent brand image was increasingly important but with so many local chapters, the ACS corporate marketing team was overwhelmed with requests to customize marketing materials. They needed a solution that would allow users to be self-sufficient in finding assets they needed, and customizing content on approved templates.

Outcome: The “ACS Brand Toolkit” has enabled thousands of users across the nation to quickly find what they are looking for and customize approved templates with imagery and relevant details specific to their needs. This has freed up the corporate marketing team's time in a substantial way, allowing them to now focus on larger, more forward looking projects, and has resulted in significant cost savings for the company.

Licensed Features: Digital Asset Management, Brand Guidelines, Web to Publish, Workflow, Logo Finder, Showcase Reporting & Analysis, SSO

Results and ROI

Challenges solved:
• Marketing staff bombarded with manual/ad-hoc fulfillment requests stopping them from producing strategic marketing material. This is now largely automated with over 1,300 customizable templates available in the portal.
• 16,000+ asset downloads per month
• Use of out-of-date and out-of-license marketing material and photography
largely eradicated.
• Manual customization of many printable items automated.
• Print requests & print fulfillment processes automated via workflow

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