5 Ways Salesforce Adds Value to Your Business

When it comes to choosing the right CRM platform for your business, your process really needs to start with knowing your needs.

Are you looking for better reporting and analytics? Or maybe you’re focused on marketing automation and systems integration. Understanding what you need for your business and where you are headed is going to be a tremendous help in choosing the right platform.

As a certified Salesforce partner, we may be a little biased but not without good reason. Here are 5 ways Salesforce can add value to your business.

Stay ahead of the curve with continual innovation. Salesforce is an award-winning company for their innovation, meaning their commitment to bringing you new technologies will give you greater advantages when it comes to staying connected to and understanding your customers. 

A few of their recent achievements include: 

  • Artificial intelligence built into your CRM to help you simplify the analytics workflow, produce more accurate forecasting, and scale customer experiences, among other benefits.
  • Mobile-first CRM app that helps you stay connected to your business, wherever you are. 
  • AI augmented analytics with customizable templates and dashboards to give your team the information they need to make smarter decisions.

Build on a platform that can scale with your business.  
With more than 4,000 pre-integrated apps on the AppExchange, you can build your business on a single and secure platform that can easily integrate with the technologies you need, and can be customized and upgraded without skipping a beat. 

Increase productivity and efficiency for your sales and service teams.
Innovative new features in Lightning Experience help make selling easier with infinite automation capabilities that can potentially save 10 hours a week per employee. 

Optimize operations with more accurate and comprehensive data.
With features like report builders, customizable dashboards, and a comprehensive AppExchange, Salesforce helps visualize your data and expand your reporting strategy to empower your teams with in-depth insights. 

Keep your teams focused and connected.
Salesforce is an integrated CRM platform that helps unite your marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT teams from anywhere, and helps keep them focused on strategic growth and delivering exceptional customer experience.  

At Spinakr, we’re not just a certified Salesforce Partner who helps companies integrate Salesforce into their business, we’re also a Salesforce customer. We’ve seen first hand, both in our own business and for several clients, just how valuable Salesforce can be in keeping companies connecting to their business and their customers

If you’d like to see if Salesforce is right for your business, or you need help in finding the right platform for your needs, we’re here to help.