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Custom Logistic Mobile App

Automating and replacing manual processes. 

Client Challenge:

BNSF Logistics is an international transportation brokerage company with a big goal: to be the easiest transportation company to work with. 

Doing so requires that they upgrade and implement new technology processes and systems to automate and improve their workflows. They decided to focus on how they communicate with their delivery drivers. The manual process relied on phone calls and a paper system to communicate information and track loads. This resulted in language barriers and inaccurate or delayed information. Automating this process was a huge undertaking and they didn’t have the in-house staff or knowledge to achieve this alone.

The Request:

To make it easy for customers to work with them, BNSFL needed to upgrade and automate how they managed their delivery process to ensure greater accuracy and efficiency. 

Spinakr Solutions was brought on to determine what a future state would look like and how best to implement an automated process that included a mobile application, and make it easier for customers and delivery drivers to access accurate, on-demand information. Their goal was to simplify and improve the quality of this process and reduce the amount of human involvement needed to complete a successful transaction.

The Approach:

  1. Interview everyone involved in the process to understand the flow of their current process and the systems being used.
  2. Document the current process and propose a future state that included a mobile application.
  3. Architect, design and build the mobile application, integrate systems, and validate the process with user testing along the way.
  4. Oversee change management by creating training materials to implement this new process.
  5. Market this new mobile app and process to their driver/carrier network.

The Results: a successful app and ongoing partnership.

After consulting with them to discover their needs, we built a mobile logistics management application that automated and significantly simplified their load management process and digitized their manual paperwork process. 

The mobile application offers: 

  • Real time delivery of accurate and precise pick up and delivery instructions  
  • Automated process that reduces errors and inefficiencies 
  • Load tracking that helps mitigate theft and loss of merchandise 

Since the completion of this project, we have continued to offer a relationship of ongoing support in whatever capacity is needed.

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