Our work

City Bank of Texas

Deliverables: Brandworkz implementation focused on Web to Print template functionality, along with DAM and Logo Finder capabilities.

Challenge: City Bank of Texas needed a tool to enable their mortgage agents to create on-brand materials when sending prospects loan proposals. They were plagued with incorrect logo usage, and off-brand, non-compliant materials being used to create these materials. 

The objective was to create a single place where users could download logos, refer to guidelines, and quickly customize approved templates with un-editable legal copy, but allowing them to upload custom property photos, personal head shots, and customized loan detail quotes.

Outcome: City Bank of Texas quickly realized the power and potential that the Web to Publish feature had, and they quickly allocated a resource dedicated to creating more templates that could be used in other areas of the business. They now create templates wherever possible and rest assured that their agents are using on-brand, approved materials.

Licensed Features: Web to Print, Logo Finder, DAM, Workflow

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