Inside Spinakr


Welcome aboard, Dustin!

As more companies turn to us to help them navigate the unknown waters in today’s business climate, we’re proud to offer new opportunities to skilled experts, such as Dustin Roberts.

Dustin, based in Orem, Utah is a recent MBA graduate with 8 years of experience in financial institutions. He has held multiple positions in customer service, finance, and operations management.

During his graduate studies, Dustin took part in 3 major consulting projects that allowed him to apply his experience and knowledge, and gain new insights into different industries. He also was the Graduate Assistant Producer for the Kelley Momentum Podcast.

When he’s not coming up with business solutions for clients or learning about new technologies, Dustin enjoys time with his family, watching movies, or reading books  related to history, government, and business.

We're proud that Dustin has chosen to grow his career with us as a Solutions Consultant, and look forward to what he can do for our clients.