Inside Spinakr


Our 3 Uniques: Strategy. Solutions. People.

Consulting, custom solutions, & strategy development is what we do at Spinakr; but while those are the terms that are echoed in our dreams,  – they are indeed ambiguous concepts.

At Spinakr, we are map makers, navigators, and crew. Our team takes pride in helping companies succeed, helping them move from point A to point B. Business success is never a linear path, and finding that success requires a map. One expertly drawn in pencil so the navigational markers can be erased and adjusted.

We deliver different.

We are in the business of delivering to our clients a unique competitive advantage hidden just below the surface of the water. Our goal is to help our clients stand out from a crowded field by focusing on what makes them different. Then we build custom solutions to overcome challenges and uncover hidden possibilities, and we prescribe those perfect technology solutions you never knew existed but can't live without.

What makes Spinakr different?

What makes Spinakr unique, other than the way we spell Spinakr, lies in three mutually dependent strengths; strategy, solutions, and people.


No two businesses are alike, nor are any combination of challenges. Before we can advise, we must understand everything from the smallest detail to the "big picture." Implementing a strategy starts with listening intently to our client's needs.  

After understanding, we craft a strategic solution to help our clients overcome challenges and achieve their business goals.


The strategy lays a plan to move past a challenge or closer to a goal. The solutions are the tools needed to execute. Spinakr has an unrivaled track record of designing, building, and implementing custom solutions to support our client's strategies. The custom technology and marketing solutions we engineer allow our clients to improve efficiency and reduce costs to remain agile, innovative, and competitive.


We are proud of our people; our team is our most significant advantage. We are advisors, solution architects, problem solvers, creatives, thinkers, and master strategists who help our clients innovate with agility; we love our jobs. Our employees and partners represent the finest worldwide talent available.

Spinakr has a people-first culture. We listen to and support each other's needs because our business is built on relationships that begin internally. Our team has a contagious passion for our work, and it's visible. It's why we are successful at ensuring our clients excel.