Business Tech Trends for 2022: Know what's coming

What our society has learned over the past two years is just how quickly transformative change can take place. It is this newfound openness to agility and innovative thinking that will help companies shift from surviving to thriving in this changing world. 

While there are many new technologies that will have incredible impact on society in the near future, such as quantum computing and neural interfaces, we’ve chosen to focus on important tech trends for 2022. 

Artificial Intelligence is Expanding 

The term “smart” used to mean connected but now indicates that something is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning. Here are a few examples of how it is being applied to business. 

  • Read, classify, and protect documents to help ensure compliance 
  • Enable knowledge management so employees have the right info when they need it
  • Present personalized HR benefits during employee enrollment 
  • Increase data intake capacity and reduce reliance on brick-and-mortar centers
  • Improve digital workplaces through services such as real-time meeting transcription 
Integration of Siloed Data 

As data volumes and sources continue to explode, more businesses will turn to more modern platforms or approaches such as data fabrics to provide a flexible, resilient integration of data and make it available everywhere it’s needed. Finding ways to integrate siloed data will give business leaders more actionable insights. 

Hyperautomation for Survival  

Improving the quality of work, speeding up business processes and embracing agile decision-making is what drives the demand of automation. More businesses are embracing cloud technologies that automate manual office tasks, including marketing and customer service. 

“The shift towards hyperautomation will be a key factor enabling enterprises to achieve operational excellence, and subsequently cost savings, in a digital-first world,” says Cathy Tornbohm, research vice president at Gartner

Blockchain Technology 

Blockchain and other distributed ledger technology (DLT) are fundamentally changing the nature of doing business. This includes new applications ranging from smart contracts to help optimize supply chains to managing professional certification and copyrights to eliminate fraud. Blockchain will help usher in a new level of transparency in business transactions. 

Ongoing Tech Talent Shortages 

The “Great Resignation” happening now is causing a labor shortage across the board. During 2021, companies have been slower to higher because of the lingering affects of the pandemic, but as more companies move forward with their tech projects we’ll see the competition for tech talent become even more fierce.

If companies want to win, they’ll need to be willing to find people in alternative ways such as over seas or with the help of tech agencies. In fact, we’ve helped many clients this past year fill the tech talent gap and execute on their technology projects. 

More Tech Trends to Guide Strategy 

Staying informed on new technology will help guide business strategy for 2022 and beyond. While this list only mentions a few, there are more to be aware of, including 12 top strategic technology trends identified by Gartner that will help CEOs accelerate the adoption of digital business.