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Sitecore Business Standardization

Integrating Solutions for Marketing and IT 

The Client’s Challenge:
As a company, Vistra had been well established on Sitecore for many years, and their IT department had been a long-time adopter of Microsoft technologies. Their marketing department, like many marketing departments, had made investments on different platforms such as Adobe. These platforms have very different operating systems that don’t always communicate well with each other. 

As Vistra began to expand and acquire numerous other energy brands, they realized that unless their systems were integrated between Marketing and IT, running their business on multiple operating systems would become an even greater challenge down the road.

With each new acquisition, they realized they needed to eliminate unnecessary functionalities and restructure the technology architecture in a way that allowed marketing to maintain a level of independence to manage the customer experience, while standardizing processes and reducing overhead costs. 

Their Request:
Vistra wanted to continue to leverage Sitecore, as well as the other platforms already in place, in a way that was most efficient and scalable as they continue to acquire new brands and expand business. 

Spinakr Solutions was tasked with determining a future state that would allow Sitecore to fit into the overall technology architecture and enable each team to interact with the business independently, while standardizing a scalable process.

The Execution: 
Upon evaluating their current state of technology architecture, integration was limited, ownership of roles and budgets were confusing, and there were unnecessary overhead costs.

Spinakr Support

  • Project Management 
  • Business Consulting
  • Technology Consulting
  • Integration Services Development

Sitecore: A self-sufficient solution for Marketing and IT.
Sitecore was the best technology choice for a company like Vistra with a significant .NET technology footprint. Sitecore gave them the ability to represent multiple brands easily along with the ability to standardize on an integrated architecture that could leverage templates, reduce time to operationalize new brands and scale to meet the demands of the business. 

The efforts and capabilities of the integrated team have allowed Vistra to utilize most of the functionality within the Sitecore platform in various capacities.

The Results: independent yet integrated systems.
Leveraging integration services like Dell Boomi and Salesforce Connect, Spinakr Solutions was able to standardize the businesses’ processes through Sitecore, and get them to their desired future state. 

As more companies and brands were acquired, all outward facing websites would be standardized through one platform using Sitecore templates, and each would be connected to their backend reporting and communication capabilities to paint a clearer picture of each aspect of their business. This standardization simplifies and streamlines their processes, reduces unnecessary spending, and allows each department to manage their responsibilities independently with greater ease and efficiency.

Successful brands standardized on Sitecore

Spinakr Support

  • Project Management 
  • Business Consulting
  • Technology Consulting
  • Integration Services Development

Software / Platforms 

  • Sitecore
  • .NET
  • Dell Boomi
  • REST and SOP API integration
  • Salesforce Connect

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