Our work

Decision analytics with Microsoft .NET

A case of cost savings and improved efficiency. 

The Client’s Challenge
A large retail energy provider was currently using an analytics software platform that provided easy access to the data they needed to run their business effectively. However, they were paying for multiple licenses on a user-based pricing model and were looking for ways to reduce cost without losing access to the information they needed. 

The energy retail provider had worked with multiple other agencies to help them create a solution, but without success. After these failed attempts, Spinakr Solutions was brought on to get the job done.  

Their Request
The large retail energy provider needed access to decision analytics including operational data, insights, and information by multiple user groups without having to pay excessive licensing fees for each user on their existing platform.

Spinakr delivered what others couldn’t. 

The Results

The Spinakr crew worked together with the client to create a common Microsoft .NET technology stack that allowed multiple user groups access to information in a visual format that helps make better business decisions and minimize the need and cost for individual reporting user licenses.

Integrated data from multiple facets of the business, including: 

  • Purchasing & Finance
  • Inventory Management
  • Plant Facts & Compliance Reports
  • Safety Management 
  • Supply Chain
  • Performance Metrics & Executive Dashboard

In the end, the work we delivered met and exceeded the expectations of the client, and was showcased within the company as a huge IT success for the year.

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