Our work

Blue Cross Blue Shield

The Problem: 

Blue Cross Blue Shield came to us needing a more efficient way to manage brand consistency online and in print. Without an automated process for creative requests, they noticed that creating custom marketing materials and assets to support different regions, events, and customized needs was extremely time consuming for their creative team. In addition, their print vendor and ordering process was scattered across multiple systems, adding to the inefficiencies of the process. 

The Solution: 

We helped Blue Cross Blue Shield more effectively manage their brand with Brandworkz Digital Asset Management Software. Here’s how: 

  • They can now upload, share, and maintain their comprehensive brand guidelines (including HTML) in one centralized place online to ensure everyone is referencing the latest guidelines.
  • Automated workflows are set up within Brandworkz–such as requesting radio airtime, posting events to their website and social media, and requesting new materials–to improve efficiency and track progress. 
  • Print orders can be submitted directly to the print vendor through an automated workflow, streamlining and simplifying the process. 
  • Each product line (medical, dental and vision) has their own asset library that can be managed and controlled independently. 
  • Marketing materials for each product line can be customized using pre-designed templates allowing the end user to change content, size, color, images, and more...all online, with no design software skills needed.

The Results

Blue Cross Blue Shield was able to save their creative team a significant amount of time using Brandworkz to standardize and automate their creative and internal processes. It also allowed them to more easily ensure brand consistency throughout their offices across the country. 

  • Over 150 dynamic artwork templates 
  • Over 76,000 assets downloaded 
  • 5,100+ projects successfully completed 

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