Senior Software QA Automation Engineer

The Role

Spinakr Solutions is seeking a Sr. QA Automation Engineer to play a crucial role in our organization.  This role will design automated tests to validate integrations between the industry standardized EDI transaction partners and a nation-wide Retail Energy Retailer.  The automated testing will primarily focus on processing transactions that are received and sent to multiple utilities across different states.  The position will require enough experience such that the individual will not require guidance or training on advanced development and configuration tasks.  It is possible that this individual will assist in either the selection of an automation testing tool or help to design and build an in-house tool for future automation needs.

The ideal person for this role is a clear and direct communicator with a curiosity and excitement for problem solving while delivering high value with low effort and a strong attention to detail.  They work very well with others and strongly value teamwork.  The individual needs to have depth in SQL, experience with technologies, large data volumes and must have a passion for learning new things. This is not a position to just develop tests, this is a position to apply skills, knowledge and become a long term part of our crew with a focus of driving higher quality in the end results.  


  • Design and document testing procedures for software application / EDI transactions
  • Design and document automated tests to validate the application performance
  • Design, document and run application stress/performance testing while providing guidance based on the output
  • Ability to troubleshoot and configure automation software/system 
  • Coach and champion to all prescribed client IT processes and conventions with respect to testing standards, design approaches, and overall software development lifecycle processes.  Ensure that those processes are transparent to the business and to the team
  • Provide direction and guidance to other team members when considering testing scope and approach, understanding system components, understanding client concepts, and learning new tools/technologies
  • Actively participate in team planning exercises and thoroughly analyze business requirements, acceptance criteria, and technical design documents to ensure all required information is available and complete
  • Effectively communicate with relevant members of the business, including members at the management level to discuss Test Plans/Cases, challenges, plan in flight/upcoming projects, provide suggestions, etc
  • Produce Minor Feature Test Plan documents and relevant components (LOE, feature/regression level test planning, UAT/post-prod level test planning, etc) for review
  • Review Minor Feature Test Plan documents and/or Automation Scripts and provide constructive feedback to ensure a full coverage of testing is to occur
  • Produce Major Feature Test Plan documents and/or Automation Scripts and relevant components (LOE, feature/regression level test planning, UAT/post-prod level test planning, etc) for review by key members of the team and relevant stakeholders
  • Determine a sufficient level of test scenarios that include positive, negative, boundary, edge cases and consider all relevant sources of detail
  • Author and properly organize test cases for review that sufficiently cover all predetermined scenarios.  Test cases should include preconditions, steps to execute, expected results, and be written such that any member of the team can execute them with ease
  • Participate in all necessary levels of testing including feature, system integration, regression, UAT, and postproduction verification
  • Perform in-depth troubleshooting and provide possible solutions, workarounds, etc
  • Author, assign severity, and include the proper level of details for Defects and Issues
  • Understand and adhere to individual priorities and assignments so that work can be driven to completion and so that shifting from one task to another is efficient
  • Come up to speed on available automated tools and collaborate with all representatives of the team to contribute automated test cases relevant to both newly assigned User Stories as well as existing functionality
  • Act as SME on larger, more complex systems, applications, groups of features, etc and disseminate the information effectively to peers
  • Author and organize documents at the system level that cover complex process flows, in depth testing/troubleshooting steps, and any other relevant details for future reference by other team members
  • Collaborate with all representatives of the team to drive the organization, grouping, and scheduling of automated test suites to ensure an efficient and complete coverage of testing
  • Mentor and advise less experienced team members
  • Lead the team to success by proactively looking for opportunities to introduce new processes or improve existing ones, inject enthusiasm and motivation, and generally ensure a productive environment

Requirements and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, or a similar field
  • Strong experience working as a QA Automation Engineer
  • Advanced programming skills including automation systems and databases (MS SQL and .NET Core preferably)
  • Able to display an advance understanding of MS SQL Server, RDBMS concepts, and SQL language (more complex SQL queries including joins, group by/having, sub-queries, schema changes, minor performance troubleshooting, etc)
  • Able to display a basic understanding of environment components including code branches, physical/virtual machine setups, deployment methods, etc
  • Able to display an advanced comprehension of broader, client specific knowledge such as groups of features, applications, systems, services, business rules, related database components, etc
  • Able to display an advanced understanding of more complex technologies such as Service Bus, Windows Services/Tasks, and Web Service/API interface tools (SOAP, etc)
  • Able to display an advanced understanding of the QA best practices implemented at client, influence others to follow suit, and contribute to the continued improvements of those standards and processes
  • Able to display an advanced understanding of how industry standard Project Management concepts (SDLC, Agile, time estimation, etc) are implemented at client, influence others to follow suit, and contribute to the continued improvements of those standards and processes
  • Able to calmly display an advanced level of instincts, intuition, and judgment when facing uncommon and/or larger business, technical, and social issues - often times under pressure
  • Able to independently reason through complex challenges and apply prudent solutions
  • Able to analyze, understand, and improve existing test cases (manual and automated)
  • Able to quickly translate business and technical analysis into a thorough test strategy
  • Able to identify defects when testing and articulate the unexpected results to peers


Looking to fill this position as soon as possible.

To apply, please submit your cover letter, resume and salary requirements to